Thursday, 30 December 2010

"Christmas Holiday Brief: Principles applied in Real Life"

"to observe and analyse material behaviour, body movement, performance and interaction..."

To start my research I watched people walking in the train station and took some videos on my phone...

there's a lot of different walks in these clips and demonstration of the principles of animation ( ) I like the backwards walk of the girl going to check the board - a bit of change in pace, the child at 2.17 - anticipation, lots of people are carrying bags/luggage which affects their movement and drag can be seen like with the man who's waiting at the pumpkin place, his carrier bag follows his movements afterwards... 


Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Just felt like it and it's a bit rubbish but I like the lights and think I might like to make a good version of this one day, that's planned a bit and set the camera up better at the beginning, and hmm of a nice place at night time, good lights, just an idea


finished a while ago but only just got round to uploading it... I'm looking forward to stop motion

Friday, 3 December 2010


On Monday we had a pixilation workshop, we worked in groups and tried to make animations to demonstrate the principles of animation we have been studying in this module...

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Monday's workshop was flash, this is my walk cycle, I still have a lot to do...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Open Brief

We've finished the Introduction to Animated Forms Module now and started Principles of Animation. The final brief we had to complete Animated Forms was our open brief, like the others 10 seconds, but we could use whatever technique we wanted, I tried out a few things for this;

first I was going to base my animation on fireworks and went to take some photos but since it rained so much around bonfire night I didn't get to see very many, instead I took photos of the cars and lights in the rain...

Then I worked on my original idea from my sketchbook work which was to animate a load of drawing pins, I got some gold, some silver and painted some with glitter, did this,

and then put them both together as well...

Friday, 5 November 2010


... now I will go and see if there are any fireworks left

Hot Air Balloons

This morning I started to make some hot air balloons to stick on postcards to send to my grandparents, then I stuck them on the window and well I just finished...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wales Drawing Trip

We went to Wales!

...and I took 300 photos

Round Robins

For the last three weeks we've been doing a rotation of workshops; Impact and Legibility, Under Camera and Maya. For each of these we had to make a 10 second piece of work.

Impact and Legibility:
My first workshop, we had to create a still image which communicates a key word or feeling, using arranged objects.
This is my final image:

My first thoughts were that I wanted to go to the park to take my photo and Brandon Hill because I'd been here a few times recently and I really love the view from the top...
I think the feelings I was thinking about in this picture are loneliness or missing, I think the viewer should wonder who the coat, suitcase  and shoes belong to and where is the person. I don't know, I like to leave it open to interpretation, so people can make up their own story or character.

Under Camera:
I think this was my favourite workshop we tried out plasticine, oil on glass, sand on glass and cut paper. The brief was to create an abstract animation, mostly 50% white and 50% black.
I decided to use cut paper for my piece and just played around a bit, I based the 10 second piece on a circle, which continues rotating throughout whilst the segments do various transformations...

Cut paper final -

I found Maya pretty confusing at first but it was fun to have a go at. The brief was to make a simple animation with two distinct shapes that have different personalities. I have the small shiny sphere which is the young/lively/annoying one whilst the big one is slow and a bit of a bully who decides to squash the little one. I was quite pleased with the outcome of this, with a little bit of help from Tom, the squash was improved from my first attempt.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

First Work at UWE

I've just finished my first proper week studying animation at UWE, our first brief was to create a few 12 frame cycles for a zoetrope: