Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cut Paper Animation

... also a couple of animations I found using cut paper techniques that I particularly liked, I really like the use of patterns in the Thomas Beale Cipher, that's something I'd like to incorporate in the Owl and the Pussycat project...


I like looking on the chocolate skateboards website at their designs, they have quite a wide range of styles, I particularly like the work of Evan Hecox, who designs some of their stuff.
I've been looking at the typography, thinking of how I'm going to write the title on my one sheet, they seem to like taking their brand name Chocolate and putting different styles on it, these are some of my favourite ones;

Friday, 6 May 2011

Alternative Background Design

After my tutorial yesterday I decided to try out some different backgrounds incorporating flags from other countries I have been trying out on photoshop repeating flags in a sort of kaleidoscope way and putting these together it looks a bit like a patchwork blanket...

Rotoscoping Animation Tests

Over easter I filmed my dad and sister trying to play badminton to do some rotoscoping with, I put this together with the background and also showed how the union jack would fade through to the foreground.

First Animatic

This was my first attempt of the animatic, I will make some changes for Monday after my tutorial yesterday, I think I need to speed up the pace, maybe add a different camera angle shot and change the music. I am also going to look into alternative backgrounds.

Olympics Ident Sketchbook Work


After researching into the olympics I started looking at pictograms and decide to use this as the style for the characters in my olympics ident for badminton. Below are some pages from my sketchbook looking at concept design and colour variations...

my idea was to have the union jack as a background layers with the characters cut out of a foreground layer so the flag pattern appears behind.

storyboard development...

Olympics 2012

The brief I've been working on for the past month or so is for a 20 second olympics ident for a sport, mine was badminton.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Some Essay Research Videos

For my essay I've been looking at the work of Michel Gondry, two of my favourite of his music videos are The White Stripes- Fell in Love with a Girl and Steriogram- Walkie Talkie Man:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bird Research Flight Exercise

Some video clips from my mobile phone, pigeons in town, walking, taking off and landing, the second video I found particularly useful in reference for my hand drawn flight animation.

I also put together my photos, in this video, some of these were not so useful as there aren't many close ups of the birds, but the last picture, I used as the starting point for my flight cycle.

Recording and observing was very useful when it came to animating, I had a better understanding of how a bird flies and the structure of their wings.

My basic flight cycle, in flash, I started working hand drawn, but decided to use flash to get the cycle right, because I found it a lot easier to tweak and analyse as I can play it easily while I'm working on it.

Flash Lip-Sync

A joint project, with Hannah, my part is Steve the snake. The brief was for an 'Australian Outback Romantic Drama'.

Pull Stop-Motion

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Push - Maya

The brief was for a 10-15 second sequence of a figure, which we were provided with, pushing a large heavy object. I found Maya a lot easier to use this time as I was more familiar with the layout and quite enjoyed this. I feel quite pleased with some parts of the animation; where he moves the crate, although I feel there's still some parts of the movement which don't look natural and could do with some more adjustments...

Push and Pull Research

We started our new module, Action Analysis, on Monday, we have three briefs, the first two I'm working on are Push(Maya) and Pull(Stop Motion).
Before starting the animation I had to research and collect reference material. I started with observing, watching videos on youtube and analysing action. Then I filmed myself pulling a suitcase and pushing my bed across my room:

Although I look like an idiot I find acting out the actions really helped when it came to animating. I was working in Maya over the last week and I found, when you have acted it out yourself, it helps a lot with understanding the movements and key poses , rather than just observing...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A small test...

wasn't overly excited with how this turned out... 
I think it looks better small... you get more of a sense of what it is.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

studying walking me

A little bit of rotoscoping, I will try this out in drawing pins later today...