Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bird Research Flight Exercise

Some video clips from my mobile phone, pigeons in town, walking, taking off and landing, the second video I found particularly useful in reference for my hand drawn flight animation.

I also put together my photos, in this video, some of these were not so useful as there aren't many close ups of the birds, but the last picture, I used as the starting point for my flight cycle.

Recording and observing was very useful when it came to animating, I had a better understanding of how a bird flies and the structure of their wings.

My basic flight cycle, in flash, I started working hand drawn, but decided to use flash to get the cycle right, because I found it a lot easier to tweak and analyse as I can play it easily while I'm working on it.

Flash Lip-Sync

A joint project, with Hannah, my part is Steve the snake. The brief was for an 'Australian Outback Romantic Drama'.

Pull Stop-Motion