Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Round Robins

For the last three weeks we've been doing a rotation of workshops; Impact and Legibility, Under Camera and Maya. For each of these we had to make a 10 second piece of work.

Impact and Legibility:
My first workshop, we had to create a still image which communicates a key word or feeling, using arranged objects.
This is my final image:

My first thoughts were that I wanted to go to the park to take my photo and Brandon Hill because I'd been here a few times recently and I really love the view from the top...
I think the feelings I was thinking about in this picture are loneliness or missing, I think the viewer should wonder who the coat, suitcase  and shoes belong to and where is the person. I don't know, I like to leave it open to interpretation, so people can make up their own story or character.

Under Camera:
I think this was my favourite workshop we tried out plasticine, oil on glass, sand on glass and cut paper. The brief was to create an abstract animation, mostly 50% white and 50% black.
I decided to use cut paper for my piece and just played around a bit, I based the 10 second piece on a circle, which continues rotating throughout whilst the segments do various transformations...

Cut paper final -

I found Maya pretty confusing at first but it was fun to have a go at. The brief was to make a simple animation with two distinct shapes that have different personalities. I have the small shiny sphere which is the young/lively/annoying one whilst the big one is slow and a bit of a bully who decides to squash the little one. I was quite pleased with the outcome of this, with a little bit of help from Tom, the squash was improved from my first attempt.

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